Saturday, October 25, 2008

Camileon by Shykia Bell

Camile Leon is a young woman searching for the hidden truth about her absentee father, a mysterious lost necklace, and the details of her early childhood—none of which she can remember. She persistently digs for the truth, but at each attempt, her mother dodges her questions and swiftly changes the subject. Before her mother is able to reveal the truth, something terrible happens and Camile fears she will lose her mother forever. She also fears that the details regarding her past will remain unkown.

Just as Camile loses hope on learning the particulars about her past, she makes a shocking discovery which reveals her entire life has been a carefully constructed web of deceit. Almost simultaneously, she experiences strange occurrences that shred the fabric of her reality. She blames these incidents on her extreme stress and hyperactive imagination. As the lies continue to unravel, startling facts emerge—bringing terrible heartache, confusion, and despair. Facing a powerful nemesis, Camile must find the strength within herself to discover the truth. Failing could bring deadly consequences.

Camileon is one of those books that once you start reading it you just can’t stop. I don’t usually read a lot of science fiction books but I really enjoyed this one and it makes me want read more of them. All of the characters are surrounded by clouds of mystery that you want to get through to discover the truth and more about each person. At first Camile’s character comes off as kinda whinny and insecure, however as I read more I began to understand her and really enjoy her character. I loved the way the author described everything in the story so that you could picture each scene in your head. The ending of the book was great the author explained everything while also leaving a few clues about what’s to be expected next in Camile’s story.
Camileon is the first in a new series by debut author Shyia Bell. I’m positive that its going to be a great series so be sure to pick up a copy soon.

For more information about the author and the book check out the links and the video below about the book.