Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Life As A Rhombus by Varian Johnson

Rhonda Lee a senior in high school, has no times for boyfriends or a social life as she spends most of her time doing homework and tutoring other students. Rhonda is determined to get a scholarship to the school of her dreams and get away from her hometown.

Rhonda finds herself being forced to tutor Sarah Gamble, a popular girl from her school , the kind of girl that she has stay away from for the past few years. Rhonda is struggling to put her past behind her but she soon realizes that Sarah is suffering with the symptoms of pregnancy just as she did a few years before. Sarah and Rhonda soon share their secrets with one another and form a friendship.

This isn’t just a story about unplanned pregnancy. This is a story about family, friendship, forgiveness and love. Rhonda Lee is an amazing character, who you will fall in love with as you read her story. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. Rhondas character was funny and witty, there are many parts when I literally laughed out loud. There were also a few parts that brought tears to my eyes. Varian Johnson did a fantastic job with this book and I plan on passing it on to my friends and family.

My Life as a Rhombus is a young adult book, but I’m sure many adults would love it too. Varian Johnson is also the author of Red Polka Dot in a World Full of Plaid.

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The Story Siren said...

this sounds like something i might be interested in reading! thanks for the review!